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Planning Consultation – 190636


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  • P194122/CD4 - Council Development Reg 4 29th January 2020
    Madley Primary School Madley Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9PH, Proposed variation of a condition 1 of planning permission 150479 (Variation of Condition 5 of Planning Permission SW100736/CD, to continue to provide nursery/pre-school education) - to extend planningpermission until April 2025. , Valid
  • P200154/O - Outline 23rd January 2020
    Land to the North of Castle Farm Madley Herefordshire , Outline application for erection of an equine manager's dwelling, stabling and horse riding arena. , Valid
  • P200170/F - Planning Permission 23rd January 2020
    Canonbridge Farm Madley Herefordshire , Amendment to previously approved barn conversion with new detached double garage including first floor storage loft. , Valid
  • P194265/PA7 - All others - Prior Approval 10th December 2019
    Land south of Longmoor Cottage Madley Herefordshire , Proposed agricultural building for cattle housing and fodder/implement storage. , Determination Made
  • P194087/F - Planning Permission 26th November 2019
    Great Brampton House Great Brampton Park Madley Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9NA, Change of use from residential writers and artists retreat to exclusive private hire for holiday accommodation, private celebrationsand events, incorporating continued use as a residential dwelling. , Valid
  • P193584/F - Planning Permission 20th November 2019
    The Laurels Farm Brampton Kingstone Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9NF, Proposed cladding of and change of use of building from storage to light industrial. Change of use of land to storage of static caravans and proposed new building for secure storage. , Valid
  • P193986/FH - Full Householder 18th November 2019
    Foxfields Bullstall Lane Madley Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9LY, Proposed single storey extensions , Determination Made
  • P193995/O - Outline 18th November 2019
    Land west of The Yard Brampton Road Madley Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9LU, Proposed development of three dwellings with garages, Valid
  • P193835/PA7 - All others - Prior Approval 4th November 2019
    Shenmore Timber Yard Sheepdown Cottage Shenmore Madley Herefordshire HR2 9PB, Application for prior notification for the erection of a new building for timber storage , Determination Made
  • P193712/FH - Full Householder 23rd October 2019
    16 Church Croft Madley Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9LT, Garage conversion and two storey extension. , Determination Made
  • P193696/U - Certificate of Lawfulness (CLEUD) 22nd October 2019
    Certainly Wood Lower Lulham Lulham Madley Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9JJ, Certificate of Lawful Existing Use for the use of land for the siting of caravans for residential use, with associated hard-standing and sewage treatment plant. , Determination Made
  • P193667/F - Planning Permission 21st October 2019
    Land to the West of Upper House Stone Street Madley Herefordshire HR2 9NJ, Change of Use of an existing portal frame building to a Live/Work Unit , Determination Made
  • P193632/F - Planning Permission 17th October 2019
    Madley Caravan Site Stoney Street Industrial Estate Madley Hereford , Change of use and associated operational development concerning the removal and clearance of the existing site, and the construction of a small unit industrial estate comprising eight units with four buildingtypes ranging from 934sqft (84m2) to 3734sqft (336m2) GEA to allow forflexible occupation for B1, […]
  • P193603/PA7 - All others - Prior Approval 16th October 2019
    Allensmore Nurseries Brampton Lane Madley Herefordshire , Proposed 1 tunnel frame. , Determination Made
  • P193490/PA7 - All others - Prior Approval 30th September 2019
    The Laurels Farm Webton Court Lane Kingstone Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9NF, Proposed polytunnel , Determination Made
  • P193181/F - Planning Permission 18th September 2019
    Poultry Houses, Sun Valley Bungalows Stone Street Madley Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9NH, Installation of ASHP to serve existing poultry units and installation of PV array to roof slopes of western most poultry unit , Determination Made
  • P192752/F - Planning Permission 12th August 2019
    Blenheim Farm Madley Hereford Herefordshire HR2 9LU, Change of use of land from agricultural to residential (C3) to facilitate the enlargement of the planning units known as 'Blenheim Farm' and 'The Lodge'. , Determination Made
  • P192748/U - Certificate of Lawfulness (CLEUD) 8th August 2019
    Middle Brampton Farm Brampton Road Madley Herefordshire HR2 9LZ, 130KW biomass boiler with associated wood chip storage area. , Determination Made
  • P192703/RM - Approval of Reserved Matters 29th July 2019
    Land North of Faraday House Madley Herefordshire , Application for approval of reserved matters following Outline approval 152036 (erection of 27 dwellings including affordable housing). , Valid
  • P192672/F - Planning Permission 25th July 2019
    Land adjacent B4352 Madley Herefordshire , Proposed residential development of 10 dwellings , Valid