Minutes of a scheduled meeting of the Parish Council on
Monday 14th October 2019 at 19.00 hrs in the Parish Hall

Councillors: Chris Williams (Chairman), Richard Lloyd, Margaret Harkin, Corinne Cranham, Patrick Sullivan and Simon Blackmore.

In attendance
Ward Councillor David Hitchiner, PCSO Pete Knight, Lengthsman (Paul Wright) and 2 residents.

1. Apologies for absence – None

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation … None.

3. Election of Vice Chairman – It was RESOLVED that Mr Simon Blackmore be appointed to the role of Vice Chairman.

4. Open Session
4.1 West Mercia Police…PCSO Knight reported little reported crime in the area recently. To protect against the risk of burglary it was suggested that householders avail themselves of timer switches on lights. The property marking event at Madley Plants on the 13th October 2019 had not attracted the numbers hoped for but this was probably due to the poor weather. Following PC Roger Bradley’s retirement PC Jeff Rouse has joined the team. The NFU initiative “Stop That Thief” was still available through which they will offer a quote for burglar alarms etc at cost price.

4.2 Ward Councillor David Hitchiner – Ward Councillor Hitchiner provided a brief update on key Hereford County Council issues commenting specifically on the following:

4.2.1 Work on the budget for 2020/21 continues. Herefordshire Council remains on budget for 2019/20 with the exception of Looked After Children.
4.2.2 Information gleaned during a recent visit to Preston City Council showed that substantial savings could be achieved if work is placed with local companies.
4.2.3 The final stage of Fastershire is taking place which will lead to 90% coverage across Herefordshire.
4.2.4 The Core Strategy is subject to review which will take between 3-5 years to complete.
4.2.5 John Harrington (Cabinet Member – Infrastructure and Transport) is currently drafting the final report on the by-pass. Councillor Richard Lloyd commented that the traffic situation on the Bridge Sollers road is worsening.

4.3 Lengthsman Report – The Lengthsman confirmed that he had visited the “track” that leads off from Rosemary Lane to assess what action is needed to reduce the amount of surface water which he estimated would cost between £1500-£1800. In light of uncertainty over who owned the “track” it was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to the lengthsman asking that he clear out the ditches for the moment. In the meantime, the Chairman agreed to view maps at his disposal to determine who had ownership of the “track”.

4.4 Issues Raised by Local Residents
4.4.1 A resident reported that the junction leading onto the B4348 remains very hazardous and considered it was only a matter of time before a serious accident happens. The Chairman asked Ward Councillor Hitchiner to see if any action to deal with the problem could be expedited.
4.4.2 Flooding on the Bridge Sollers road was also raised and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would ask the Locality Steward for an update on the issue.

5. Minutes of previous meeting … 9th September 2019
5.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the above meeting and they were signed by the Chairman.

6. Clerk Correspondence
6.1 The clerk reported that arrangements have been made for a representative from West Mercia Police to speak about SmartWater who will attend the Parish Council meeting scheduled for the 9th December 2019.

7. Finance … The bank balance at 30th September 2019 in the Treasurers Account was noted as £32,705.63. As at 30th September 2019 there was £179.08 in the Business Bank Instant Account.

7.1 It was RESOLVED to make the following payment.
7.1.1 Clerk’s salary in accordance with the employment contract.
7.1.2 Lengthsman – £245.00
7.1.3 Stationery – £59.92
7.1.4 Travel – £18.90
7.1.5 PAYE – £134.60
7.1.6 HALC £66.00
7.1.7 Countrywide Maintenance – £70.39
7.1.8 DJN Planning (NDP) – £1000.00
7.1.9 PKF Accountants – £240.00

7.2 Section 106 monies – The clerk reported that despite a further hastening action the Parish Council is still awaiting a quote for the work on Stoney Street. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to Balfour Beatty advising that the Parish Council expects that, in light of the protracted timescale in delivering a quote, urgent action is now required.
7.3 Precept 2020/21 – Following discussion it was RESOLVED that the Parish Council approves the budget and precept for 2020/21. It was further RESOLVED that the clerk would write to Herefordshire Council confirming the precept for 2020/21 would be £23200; unchanged from 2019/20.

8. Planning … Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
8.1 Planning Application 193181 – Poultry Houses, Sun Valley Bungalows, Stone Street, Madley Herefordshire. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED that the Parish Council supports the application and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to the LPA accordingly.
8.2 Ward Councillor Hitchiner updated the meeting on two planning applications.
8.2.1 Application 100599 – Lower Lulham – Change of use of agricultural land for siting 10 mobile caravans and 2 caravans for agricultural workers. Refers to a planning application in Lower Lulham initially submitted in 2010. No objections were raised at the time and discussions are ongoing over whether the existing application could be revived or a new application is necessary.
8.2.2 Application 192672 – Land adjacent to Town House, Madley – Proposed residential development of 10 dwellings. Further work is required involving a fresh ecology report and a tree survey before determination will be made.

9. Neighbourhood Plan (NDP) – The Chairman updated the meeting by explaining that the Planning Consultant has reviewed and prepared responses to all the comments received as part of the Regulation 14 process. Some of the comments have led to minor changes to the plan which will now be re-submitted to Herefordshire Council for an environmental and habitat assessment which is expected to take 4-6 weeks. As soon as Herefordshire Council have completed their work it will be ready to be tabled for Parish Council approval which it is expected to take place during the December 2019 meeting. Subject to Parish Council approval the plan will progress to Regulation 16 at which point it will carry some influence in any subsequent planning applications.

10. Adoption of Grievance & Discipline Policy and Community Engagement Policy– It was RESOLVED that both policies should be adopted and published on the website.

11. Lengthsman Working Group – In conjunction with the Lengthsman, Councillor Margaret Harkin reviewed each of the outstanding tasks on the action log updating them where appropriate. It was RESOLVED that a meeting of the Lengthsman Working Group should take place in late November 2019.

12. Recreation Ground – The clerk reported that Wicksteed have been asked to supply and install two replacement safety mats in the playground at a cost of £240. It was RESOLVED that the clerk contact Wicksteed to arrange for the supply of a part damaged as a result of vandalism. There was some discussion over the importance of regular inspections of the playground equipment and it was RESOLVED that the clerk explore with Clehonger and Little Dewhurst Parish Councils if they would share the cost of ROSPA training the Lengthsman.

13. Footpaths Officer Report – Councillor Richard Lloyd reported that there was little to report this month. The Chairman reported that the commitment to consider and agree the approach for tackling the village footpaths would be held over until the next meeting.

14. Traffic & road issues -The clerk reported that arrangements were in hand to organise training for the volunteers who have agreed to participate in the Community Speed Watch initiative. It was RESOLVED that the clerk check with the Locality Steward when the 30 mph would be applied to the repainted roundels adjacent to the Town House.

15. Matters raised for next scheduled meeting on Monday 11th November 2019 – None were raised.