Minutes – 9th November 2020


Councillors:  Simon Blackmore (Acting Chairman), Patrick Sullivan, Corinne Cranham and Margaret Harkin


In attendance

Ward Councillor David Hitchiner and Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk).


  1. Apologies for absence – Councillors Chris Williams and Richard Lloyd


  1. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation … None


3. Open Session

West Mercia Police were unable to join the meeting.

Ward Councillor David Hitchiner – Ward Councillor Hitchiner reported on the following key issues.

  • The rates of Covid 19 across the county remain relatively low at 92 per 100,000 people.
  • Herefordshire Council have re-commissioned a facility (Hillside) which will be used to accommodate people recovering from Covid 19.
  • Recent discussions with the National Farmers Union explored a collaborative approach between farmers and Herefordshire Council looking at a number of themes including ways of encouraging children to become more interested in farming. Farmers are concerned over possible shortages of seasonal workers next year which will have a significant impact on their business.
  • The contract for waste collection is due to be renewed in 2022.
  • £450k is available to Herefordshire Council to boost the visitor economy.
  • Herefordshire Council have launched a survey asking for views on the “Stronger Town” fund.
  • Lengthsman’s Report – The Lengthsman was not present and no report had been submitted.
  • Issues Raised by Local Residents – No residents were present at the meeting.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting … 12th October 2020. It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the above meeting and they will be signed by the Chairman in due course.


  1. Clerk Correspondence
    • A resident had reported problems with a hidden sign on the Canon Bridge road and raised concerns over the poor state of the parish footpaths specifically mentioning MY1. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk ask the Lengthsman to investigate the hidden road sign and the issue regarding the footpaths be passed to the Footpaths Officer.
    • A resident reported their child had sustained an injury whilst using the zip wire in the recreation ground. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk ask the Lengthsman to check if the equipment is faulty and report back.
    • The Clerk had been approached by a resident concerning an increase in HGVs travelling southwards on Brampton Road and suggested that this might be due to the traffic signs on the entrance to Lion Close being obscured by trees. Councillor Blackmore agreed to see if ownership of the trees could be established.


  1. Finance … The bank balance at 31st October 2020 in the Treasurers Account was noted as £36,690.16. As at 31st October 2020 there was £179.19 in the Business Bank Instant Account.


  • It was RESOLVED to make the following payments:
    • Clerk’s salary (October 2020) in accordance with the employment contract.
    • Clerk’s contractual expenses – £100.00
    • PAYE (October 2020)- £154.60
    • Postage – £7.80
    • Stationery – £40.35
    • Countrywide Maintenance – £70.39
    • Lengthsman – £1017.85
  • Section 106 monies –It was RESOLVED that the Clerk seek confirmation from Brightwells that the invoice from Herefordshire Council has been settled.
  • Request for a donation from Dore Community Transport – It was RESOLVED to make a donation of £500.


  1. Neighbourhood Development Plan – There have been no further developments and this is expected to remain the situation until the referendum expected in May 2021. It was RESOLVED to remove the NDP as a standing item but reinstate it at the appropriate time.


  1. Planning – Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council.
    • Planning Consultation 203338 – Land at Magnolia Farm, Magnolia Farm Road, Madley – The proposed erection of two lodges to be used as holiday accommodation and associated works. Following discussion, Councillors were supportive of the proposals set out in the planning application and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk inform the LPA accordingly.
    • Planning Consultation 203305 – Great Brampton House, Madley, Hereford, HR2 9NA- Proposed change of use to wedding venue, with proposed car parking. Concern was expressed over the potential for increased noise and traffic when the functions take place and the issue over access was also raised. The majority of Councillors, however, had no difficulty with the proposals set out in the planning application but asked that there should be a limit on the number of fireworks displays that might take place.


  1. Parish Council Objectives 2021/22 – It was agreed to defer discussion on the objectives to the next meeting.


  1. Smartwater – Following discussion, it was RESOLVED to proceed with the postal distribution of the Smartwater kits to residents living in the village. It was further RESOLVED that the letter to accompany the kits is amended to show that they are being funded by the Parish Council with a similar message to be posted on the noticeboard and website.


  1. Lengthsman Working Group – Councillor Harkin reported that a meeting of the Lengthsman Working Group had taken place on the 3rd November 2020 and provided an update following those discussions. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk seeks an update from the Locality Steward on the timing of the proposed jetting of the pipe at the entrance of track adjacent to Gitnal Farm. It was also RESOLVED that the Clerk adds cleaning of the village gates to the action log.


  1. Recreation Ground – Councillor Cranham reported slow progress in acquiring quotes for the outdoor gym equipment and fencing but will provide a further update at the next meeting.


  1. Footpaths Officer Report – The Footpaths Officer was not present and no report is available.


  1. Traffic & road issues – No issues were raised other than the topic discussed at 5.3 above.


  1. Matters raised for next scheduled meeting on Monday 14th December 2020 – None.



The meeting closed at 19.40


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