Minutes – 7th June 2021

Minutes of an Extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council held on

Monday 7th June 2021.

Due to the Covid 19 crisis the meeting was held remotely.




Councillors:  Chris Williams (Chairman), Simon Blackmore, Patrick Sullivan, Corrine Cranham, Margaret Harkin and Nick Hiscutt-Blackmore.


In attendance

Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk).


  1. Planning – Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council. Planning Consultation– 211509 – The Lodge, Blenheim Farm, Madley, Hereford. Proposed detached annexe ancillary to main house. Following discussion, Councillors were content to support the proposals set out in the planning application and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk notifies the LPA accordingly.


The Chairman moved a resolution to exclude members of the public from the following confidential item


  1. Selection of a new Parish Councillor. Councillors interviewed four candidates for the current Parish Council vacancy and unanimously agreed to co-opt Mr Paul Rigglesford onto the Parish Council. Formal co-option will take place at the next Parish Council meeting. It was further RESOLVED to offer a seat to Mr Ian Harris should one become available in the next few weeks. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk notify all candidates of the outcome of the interviews.



The meeting closed at 20.10 hrs



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