Minutes 14th May 2018

Minutes of AnnualParish Meeting and Annual Statutory Meeting of Madley Parish Council held onMonday 14th May 2018 at 7 p.m. in the Parish Hall, Madley.

Annual Parish Meeting

Present:  Cllr David Williamson, Cllr Chris Williams, Cllr Margaret Harkin, Cllr Sheila Cook,

In attendance:   Alison Davies, Parish Clerk and seven members of the public.

Apologies:  Ward Councillor, Steve Williams, Cllr Jane Hirst, Cllr Richard Lloyd

  1.  Open Session with Parishioners

A parishioner reported a damaged grit bin at Barrows Cottage Corner.  Clerk to report to BB.

There was discussion about the state of the roads needing resurfacing in the Parish.  If a road surface is very bad the Locality Steward will pass details on to the asset team who will review the situation and take appropriate action. There had been fly tipping at Shenmore.

  • Chairman’s Report

Cllr David Williamson stated that all the Councillors were new to post in the last twelve months and praised them for their commitment and for having the interests of the village at heart.  The Clerk had been in post for nearly six months and was due an appraisal. He also thanked Suzy Bishop for her sterling work keeping the village litter under control along with her willing team of volunteers.  Corinne Cranham  and Darren Preece were thanked for their work with the junior football group which was proving very popular with the young villagers. The ride and stride at the school was also successful with input from the school’s ECO team.  He thanked Derek Hirst for helping with the website. 

Simon and Michelle Blackmore at Madley Plants had put on a successful fund raiser for the Church roof and Alzheimers Society and were an asset to the village. John Dinnan was thanked for his work on Madley Moat.  Scott Low,  Herefordshire Council’s Enforcement Officer had been busy with planning issues in the parish.  The kettle ponds at Bage Farm were being restored.  Cllr Williamson had been emptying bins on the recreation ground and reported that Countrywide, who maintain the field, were doing a very good job.  There was a separate contract with the Duchy of Cornwall for the Tennis Club, who had responsibility for some of the ground maintenance. 

He stated the need for more volunteers to help with projects in the parish.  The  Neighbourhood Development Plan had been resurrected and approximately sixty Parishioners attended the initial meeting.

  • Ward Councillor’s Report

There was no Ward Councillors report as Cllr Steve Williams could not be present.

Annual Statutory Parish Meeting

Present:           Chairman Cllr David Williamson, Cllr Chris Williams, Cllr Sheila Cook, Cllr Margaret Harkin.

In attendance:  Alison Davies, Parish Clerk, and seven members of the public.

  1. Election of Chairman

               Cllr Chris Williams was proposed as Chairman by Cllr Sheila Cook and seconded

 by Jane Hirst and was duly  elected.

  • Election of Vice Chairman

Cllr Jane Hirst was proposed as Vice Chairman by Cllr Chris Williams, seconded by Sheila Cook and was duly elected.

  • Election of Parish Council Officers

6.1          Tree Warden

There were no nominations for this post.

6.2          Footpath Officer

Dr Martin James was elected as footpath officer.

6.3          Lengthsman Co-ordinator

This was deferred until the next meeting.

6.4          HALC Representative

This was deferred to the next meeting.

  • To accept Apologies for Absence:           

Ward Cllr Steve Williams, Cllr Jane Hirst, Cllr Richard Lloyd

  • To note declarations of interest: 

There were none.

  • Brief verbal reports

Held over to the next meeting.

  • To approve minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 14th May 2018

These were signed by the new Chairman, Cllr Chris Williams

  • Clerk Update and correspondence 

The Clerk reported that she had spent four hours with Paul Norris, the Locality Steward driving round the Parish and checking areas for problems. He had a team out within two hours to fill some of the potholes, he dug out grips to ease flooding and we looked at the lane  behind Archenfield.  We discussed the bollards by Pennyplock  and he stated that there is no intention to remove them or upgrade the unmade up lane for vehicular access.

She was still waiting for training to update the website.

There had been correspondence from the church asking for help to pay for upkeep of the path in the churchyard which is used by many parishioners to avoid walking along the narrow busy road alongside the church.  The Clerk advised that it was possible to pay for maintenance of the parish clock but a new law meant that the Parish Council could not  support the maintenance of the pathway.  The path issue would be an Agenda item next month. The kissing gate at the church needed repair.

The Clerk had a complaint from a parishioner about an e-mail sent by Cllr David Williamson.  The parishioner asked that this e-mail be withdrawn as it contained inaccuracies.

  • Finance
  1. The list of payments was approved with the proviso that payment to the lengthsman would be withheld until the work had been completed.
  2. The bank balance at Friday 11th May was £33,546.98
  1. Planning