Minutes 12th November 2018

Minutes of a scheduled meeting of the Parish Council meeting on Monday 12th November at 7.00 pm in the Parish Hall


Councillors: Chris Williams (Chairman), Corinne Cranham, Margaret Harkin, Jane Hirst, Richard Lloyd, Martin James.

In attendance

Ward Councillor Steve Williams, twelve local residents.

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Sheila Cook and David Williamson.
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation … There were none.
  3. Open Session
    • A brief verbal report from Ward Councillor Steve Williams included:
      • Herefordshire County Council invited representatives from all parish councils to a Parish Summit which took place in October with another session planned for January 2019.
      • The Ward Councillor suggested that, as Stoney Street consisted of four parishes, there would be benefit of a collaborative approach to share best practice and proposed a meeting in mid-December or early January.
      • The Ward Councillor advised that it is possible that parish councils may be required to assume more responsibility in the future and suggested that should be reflected in the precept in future years.
      • The Ward Councillor reported several telephone calls connected with the consultation launched by Herefordshire Council on a proposed Traveller Site at Stoney Street.
      • Reported that the Task and Finish Group looking at Balfour Beatty pothole repairs was producing positive results.
  • Lengthsman Report – Apologies received from the lengthsman.
  • West Mercia Police – The police were not in attendance. The clerk to extend an invitation to the next meeting.
  • Issues Raised by Local Residents
    • A resident raised concerns about dog attacks on sheep and resulting in serious injury and death. It was agreed that a message would be placed on the notice board reinforcing the need for dog owners to keep their animals under control especially when entering fields containing livestock.
  1. Minutes of previous meeting … 8th October 2018
  • It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the above meeting and they were signed by the Chairman.
  1. Clerk Correspondence
  • Brightwells – Brightwells agreed to publicise their opening hours including on their signage and invoices. A resident reported that there was already a positive response in terms of volume of traffic as a result of this action taken by Brightwells.
  • Section 106 monies – Herefordshire Council has confirmed that there is £21k available which had previously been earmarked for the Bridge Sollers Road. Due to the abandonment of proposals to improve the Bridge Sollers road, the Section 106 monies is available to be spent elsewhere. Brightwells would be content for the monies to be spent on Stoney Street but suggested that a meeting of local residents to capture views on how the funding should be allocated would be worth exploring. The clerk to write to Herefordshire Council advising that it is proposed to spend the outstanding Section 106 monies improvements to Stoney Street to help address concerns over traffic using the road. Noting that £8101 has already been spent the clerk to seek clarification from Herefordshire Council on how the funding was spent.
  1. Finance … The bank balance at 31.10.18 was noted as £51,792.34.

(Post meeting note – the bank balance includes two uncashed cheques totally £15k plus £7k which is ring fenced for NDP activities only)

  • It was RESOLVED to make payments listed on the schedule for October.
  • Draft Precept – Jane Hirst explained the principal changes in the precept compared to previous years. The most notable changes relate to the need to fully fund all lengthsman costs next year. Also, in drafting the precept the council has made provision to fund two major capital projects. It was noted that the precept has not been uplifted for 3 years. The clerk was tasked with ascertaining the financial impact on local residents using the Band D property benchmark if the precept was increased as proposed.
  1. Planning … Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
    • Travellers’ Site Development – Herefordshire Council have launched a consultation seeking comments on proposals to set aside land at Stoney Street for the traveller community with up to 10 pitches earmarked. Stoney Street was previously used as a transitionary site for travellers but was abandoned having been considered unsuitable.

Councillors considered that the site was unsuitable given its close proximity to the industrial estate at Stoney Street and it was RESOLVED to object to the proposals.

Representations to be sought from neighbouring parishes including Kingstone and Eaton Bishop.

Local residents were encouraged to submit their individual comments direct to Herefordshire County Council via a questionnaire – a link would be posted on the Madley Parish Council website.

  • Application 183808… (Retrospective) widening of existing access gateway. In discussion Jane Hirst suggested that there is argument for linking approval to a condition that it was used for agricultural use only. It was RESOLVED to support the application and the clerk to submit comments to Herefordshire Council.
  • Application 182050 – Brightwells Auction Site – Proposed change of use of land for storage of plant, machinery, equipment and commercial vehicles and for creation of vehicle parking area. To meet the concerns of local residents over possible increases in the volume and size of traffic it was RESOLVED to approve the planning application subject to Brightwells’ adhering to existing conditions around operating hours. The clerk to submit comments to Herefordshire Council on this basis.
  1. Neighbourhood Plan (NDP)… Jane Hirst reported on the NDP Drop-in day which was held on 20th October 2018 with over hundred residents completing a questionnaire on the 4 options for the development. The preferred option emerging from this process was Option D which is a site adjacent to Madley Plants. The next NDP meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 27th November 2018 where David Nicholson (Planning Consultant) will explain in detail the draft report.
  2. Lengthsman Working Group
    • Margaret Harkin reported that the clean up in the village was almost complete and would focus on maintenance and ditch clearing. It is planned to undertake some sweeping in January.
    • The speed signs which have faded have been reported to Paul Norris. The clerk was instructed to hasten Paul Norris and rearrange a meeting which had been cancelled a couple of times.
    • Margaret reported a problem with the flooding at the entrance to the Golden Valley Dog Training club which is an ongoing issue. The clerk to raise the issue with Paul Norris.
    • The previously reported issue with “smelly drains” in Brampton Road should be hastened as a matter of priority.
    • It was RESOLVED to fund work on clearing ditches – money had been set aside for this work.
  3. Recreation Ground
  • Martin James advised that there were no urgent tasks requiring attention but would concrete the goal post back into place. Further inspections would occur at two weekly intervals.
  • Corinne Cranham reported that three quotes had been received for undertaking resurfacing of the car park at the recreation ground. Various options for improving the car park were discussed with the preferred option being a full resurface using tarmac. The clerk was instructed to write to Madley Tennis Club seeking a donation towards the cost of resurfacing the car park.
  • Corinne reported an estimated 25% increase in the use of the footpath since it was completed.
  • Corinne updated the meeting on the plans to erect fencing and confirmed a quote had been submitted by the same company who supplied the bollards. Corinne expects to be in a position to confirm at the next meeting that the funding (£30k) for the play area will be in place with a view to completing the work by the Easter holiday.
  • There was some discussion around the order in which the various activities would be completed especially as some concern was expressed over the gravel and earth left from laying the path.
  1. Footpaths … The Footpaths Officer reported little change since October but had submitted seven recommendations to Balfour Beatty. It is considered that the footpaths were in reasonable condition.
  2. Traffic & road issues – Community Speed Watch. West Mercia Police have been contacted with regards to establishing a community speed watch scheme in Madley. If data collected by the Community Speed Watch team confirm that speeding vehicles is an issue for the village then up to six volunteers would be trained to allow participation. The cost of any training would be not be a cost to the council.
  3. Policies – It was RESOLVED to adopt the E-Mail and Correspondence Protocol. Further policy revisions and additions would be actioned by the clerk.
  4. Matters raised for next scheduled meeting on Monday 10th December: – No matters were raised.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.58