Minutes 12th February 2018

Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Monday 12th February 2018 at 7.p.m. in the Parish Rooms, Madley

Chairman: Cllr David Williamson, Cllr Margaret Harkin, Cllr Jane Hirst, Cllr Richard Lloyd, Cllr Sheila Cook, Cllr Chris Williams

In Attendance:
Ward Councillor Steve Williams, Clerk Alison Davies, PCSO Fiona Witcher and PCSO Pete Knight , Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman and 9 members of the public.

1. Introduction and welcome by the Chairman
The Chairman, Cllr David Williamson welcomed everyone to the meeting and was pleased to see such a good turnout from the public.

2. Apologies for Absence
There were no apologies for absence.

3. Declarations of Interest
There were none.

4. Police Report
Fiona Witcher introduced herself and Pete Knight and said that here had been very little crime in Madley recently, but if anyone had any issues to please contact her. They were now based at the fire station in Peterchurch.

5. Open Session
There were no comments from the public.

6. Ward Councillor’s Report
Councillor Steve Williams reported on the Bridge Sollars Road Consultation which had looked at possibly implementing weight and speed restrictions but it had been decided not to impose these as they were not enforceable. He pointed out that we could ask for a review but it would be several years before we would get one. He said that here were no Traffic Regulation Orders in force currently in Madley. Paul Norris hadn’t given him a date yet for an inspection of roads around Madley but had looked at Brampton Road and some repairs would be taking place within the next month. The consultation on the Relief Road was taking place currently and when this was built it would have a significant impact on the Bridge Sollars Road with far less traffic using it after completion.

7. Lengsthman’s Report
Terry Griffiths explained that because of the lack of a Parish Council for some months, there was a significant sum of £2,201.00 which needed to be spent before the end of March. There would be no grant next year to cover the lengthsman and the Parish Council would need to consider what they could afford for the lengthsman to undertake in the Parish. There were issues on ditch cleaning especially on Bridge Sollars Road where he needed four men for safe working instead of the usual two. This meant an increased cost for that work making it a costly exercise. B roads are no longer funded for lengthsman to work on and drainage issues should be addressed by the landowner or Balfour Beatty. The Parish Clerk had sent him a list of jobs for attention, not all of which came under the scheme and he would need our approval to carry them out. This was agreed by the Parish Council.

8. To approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 8th January 2018
Resolved: – It was unanimously resolved that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the Monday 8th January 2018, were approved by the Council and then signed by the Chairman. Minutes would be posted in the notice board after approval at the meeting.

9. Clerk update and correspondence
A letter from Miss Tina Winney asking if a name post could be put at the end of Pickhatch Lane as Balfour Beatty was unable to put one on a private lane. Clerk to check with cost of sign from Balfour Beatty.
A letter had been received from Mike Day of JACS who provide village gateways introducing the company and their product.
The Great British Spring Clean takes place on 2nd – 4th March.
Did anyone have a Community Champion they wanted to nominate?

10. Finance
10.1 Resolved: To approve list of payments (notified separately)
10.2 Resolved: The bank balance was noted at £27,147.38

10.3 The Clerk had received a cheque for £1,350 towards a laptop and the new website.

11. Planning.
11.1 Brightwells No 174702 There were comments that Brightwells were not complying with the planning restrictions as they were advertising 8 – 2 for c0llections when it should be 10 – 2 on Saturdays.. Residents were being disturbed by the loud traffic and noise. There were comments on the state of the road caused by the heavy vehicles. The clerk to talk to enforcement officer and an objection to be lodged. Resolved.

11.2 Madley Shop and Post Office No 180189. It was commented that the fish and chip shop had been operating outside hours and there were also issues with parking and litter. Although the Councillors didn’t want extended hours to be applied, they suggested that opening on Saturday lunchtimes would be acceptable. Clerk to write to Planning Officer to suggest this. Resolved.

11.3 Stoney Court Poultry. 173672. The Council offered no further comments as this has previously been discussed. Resolved.

11.4 Land at Huff Cap Kingstone. No 174366. The Council offered no comments on this. Resolved.

12. Neighbourhood Plan
Councillor Jane Hirst reported on an initial meeting with Stephanie Kitto from the Neighbourhood Development Planning Team for Herefordshire Council who advised the group on how to move the Neighbourhood Plan forward and it was agreed to arrange a public meeting to encourage members of the public to put their views. The Clerk was looking for a consultant to help with the process. Three consultants would be invited to make a presentation to the steering group who would recommend one to the Parish Council. The Public Meeting would be advertised in Tracking the News

13. Recreation Ground Update
Corinne Cranham spoke to the Council. Representing a group of young mothers, she asked if they could look at improving the play equipment with the help of grants and the approval of the Parish Council. She thanked the Parish Council for their gift of footballs and equipment for the village children. There was discussion about the lack of facilities now the tennis club café was closed. The Parish Council supported her and would provide a link to a website when one was up and running.

14. Footpath Officer’s Report
Mrs Williamson reported that she had walked a lot of the footpaths and MY34 can now be walked from Shenmore. The barbed wire had been taken down adjacent to Blenheim Farm. She suggested replacing stiles with kissing gates in the parish to make access easier. Members of the Parish Council had inspected MY52 and made recommendations to dredge the brook and improve the footpath alongside it as this was very muddy and wet.

15. Traffic and Road repairs
Paul Norris had visited Brampton road and some repairs would be done within the next month. He hadn’t been able to give a date for the Parish Drive, as he was recruiting and training new Stewards to help with the backlog of work.
The issue of speeding in Brampton Road was raised again.

16. Website
The Clerk reported that the new website was up and running and the title was www.madleyparishcouncil.org

17. Parish Council Process
The Clerk explained that there were processes that needed to be followed including the importance of ensuring any Parish Council business was conducted through her to safeguard individual Councillors. Balfour Beatty will only deal with the Parish Clerk although individuals can report potholes to the hotline.

18. New Councillors
There are still vacancies for new Councillors to join the Parish Council.

19. Items for next Agenda (no discussion)

20. Reminder of Date of next ordinary meeting: Monday 12th March 7.p.m.