Minutes – 11th March 2019

Minutes of a scheduled meeting of the Parish Council on
Monday 11th March 2019 at 7.00 pm in the Parish Hall

Councillors: Chris Williams (Chairman), Corinne Cranham, Jane Hirst, Richard Lloyd, David Williamson and Margaret Harkin.

In attendance
Ward Councillor Steve Williams, PC Pete Knight, and three local residents.

1. Apologies for absence – Sheila Cook.

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation … There were none.

3. Open Session
3.1 West Mercia Police…PC Knight reported that, whilst it had been relatively quiet during the previous month, there had been discarded nitrous oxide cylinders found in Eaton Bishop and tools stolen from a property in the same village. The Police will undertake property marking free of charge. PC Knight reminded the meeting that should residents become aware of suspicious vehicles they should contact the police. Other issues raised included:
3.1.1 A National Seatbelt campaign to be launched later in March.
3.1.2 A recruitment drive for the on-call firefighters based in Peterchurch
3.1.3 Home Safety Fire Check – provided free of charge to people 70 and over. The contact number is 0800 032 1155.
3.1.4 Speed enforcement conducted in the local area had resulted in several people being reported.

3.2 A brief verbal report from Ward Councillor Steve Williams included:
3.2.1 Difficulties experienced by the emergency services in accessing properties in Mansell Gamage due to on road parking. Should similar issues occur in Madley they should be reported to him. Councillor Richard Lloyd mentioned that there were problems on the B4352 near to the Red Lion public house.
3.2.2 An update on recent planning applications including Planning Appeal (183004/3220338) which has been refused by the Local Planning Authority (Post meeting note – Councillor David Williamson reported that the appeal remains extant and an initial hearing will not take place until 1 May 2019)
3.2.3 An update on remedial action to address damage caused on roads in the village following work undertaken by utility companies. Action to be deferred until the Transport Secretary announces a directive which, if issued, would allow the parish council to look back 5 years rather than the current 2.

3.3 Lengthsman Report – No report was submitted as the lengthsman only returned to light duties on the 11th March 2019

3.4 Issues Raised by Local Residents – No issues were raised.

4. Minutes of previous meeting … 11th February 2019

4.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the above meeting and they were signed by the Chairman.

5. Clerk Correspondence…The clerk briefly outlined the arrangements for the parish council elections on 2 May 2019. Candidates will be expected to hand deliver their completed nominations paper to the Election Offices at Herefordshire Council before 4pm on the 3rd April 2019.

6. Finance … The bank balance at 28.2.19 in the Treasurers Account was noted as £27,366.29. As at 28.2.19 there was £179.01 in the Business Bank Instant Account.

6.1 It was RESOLVED to make payments listed on the submitted schedule.
6.2 Renew HALC Membership – It was RESOLVED that the parish council would renew membership of HALC for a further 12 months at a cost of £754.50.
6.3 Section 106 monies update.
6.3.1 The Chairman reported that, following a FOI request, Herefordshire Council had provided a breakdown of costs incurred from the Section 106 monies provided by Brightwells. The schedule provided shows that some funding had been allocated to the Madley Airfield which falls outside the scope of the original plans to improve to Bridge Sollers road. A further request was, therefore, submitted to Herefordshire Council for an explanation but no response has been received.
6.3.2 Brightwells have suggested that the meeting to consider the options presented by Balfour Beatty for improving Stone Street should be deferred until April 2019. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would make the necessary arrangements.

7. Planning … Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:

7.1 Application 190372 – Land adjacent to Birch House, Madley, Hereford. Proposed removal of a maximum of 6m of the hedgerow to give direct access for larger vehicles from the B4352. Councillor Williamson pointed to the potential hazards of large vehicles accessing and leaving the site via the B4352 especially in light of the numerous other entrance points along that stretch of road but recognised this would be an issue for the Herefordshire Council’s Transport Department to address. Notwithstanding these observations the parish council concluded that they have no objections to the planning application. It was, therefore, RESOLVED that the clerk would notify the Herefordshire Planning Department accordingly.
7.2 Application 190636 – Fairview, C1196 from Rose Cottage via Madley. Variation of condition 2 of planning permission 173917 (erection of a single detached dwelling together with detached garage) – To do changes to the north west elevation to offer a better view along with extending kitchen/diner by 900mm. The parish council has no objections to the planning application and so it was RESOLVED that the clerk would inform the Herefordshire Planning Department accordingly.

8. Neighbourhood Plan (NDP)… Councillor Jane Hirst reported that, following the BIMBY workshop held on the 19th January 2019, the Princes Foundation had submitted the draft Housing Manual to the parish council for comment. In parallel, David Nicholson (Planning Consultant) is working to incorporate the key findings presented in the Housing Manual into the draft NDP plan which will include substantive issues such as housing, infrastructure and the settlement boundary. Councillor Hirst outlined the key milestones in the remaining NDP process which is expected to culminate in a formal submission to Herefordshire Council in August/September 2019. Using Faraday House as a point of reference, Councillor David Williamson raised concerns over the wisdom of progressing the NDP agenda without firstly seeking planning permission for the site selected for a housing development. In response, the Chairman, supported by Councillor Hirst, reminded the meeting that the NDP was primarily about offering up land for development but added that making an actual planning application was not a requirement of the NDP process.

9. Lengthsman Working Group – Councillor Margaret Harkin highlighted key and immediate tasks included on the Lengthsman Action Log. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED that the clerk would contact the Duchy of Cornwall to facilitate the “grinding out” of a tree stump at the gate adjacent to the dolphin bin. Councillor Lloyd confirmed that a new bin had been delivered to the recreation ground and would look to procure an additional bin. It was agreed that the replacement bin should be concreted in and it was RESOLVED that either GM Joyce or Wicksteed would be asked to undertake this work. (Post Meeting note – Wicksteed have agreed to undertake this work when they install the new play equipment). Councillor Williamson drew attention to the poor state of the road signs at both ends of the village. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would contact the Locality Steward to request remedial action. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would notify the lengthsman of all outstanding actions before the 18th March 2019.

10. Recreation Ground

10.1 The Chairman reported that advice from the playground inspectors had not been decisive and there remains a risk in allowing the climbing pole to remain in situ in the recreation ground. It was, therefore, RESOLVED that the clerk would ask GM Joyce to remove the climbing pole when they commenced work on the 12th March 2019. (Post meeting note – the clerk spoke to GM Joyce on the 12th March 2019 and instructed them to remove the climbing pole).
10.2 The meeting considered the need for an annual inspection given that new equipment will shortly be installed in the recreation ground. It was considered beneficial to engage an inspection team independent to the suppliers and it was, therefore, RESOLVED that the clerk would invite the Playground Equipment inspection team used in 2018 to undertake an inspection in 2019.

10.3 Councillor Corinne Cranham reminded the meeting that an Easter Egg hunt will take place on Friday 19th April 2019 and all councillors would be welcome to attend.

11. Footpaths Officer Report – The Footpaths Officer role is currently vacant and hence no report has been submitted.

11.1 Footpaths Officer vacancy. Councillor Lloyd confirmed his interest in the role and he was subsequently proposed by Councillor Harkin and seconded by the Chairman and was duly appointed as the Footpaths Officer. Councillor Williamson commented that the previous Footpaths Officer has archive material which might be of value to Councillor Lloyd. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to the previous Footpaths Officer to obtain said material.
11.2 Golden Valley Paths Partnership. The meeting discussed the invitation to join the Golden Valley Paths Partnership and, whilst receptive to the idea of participating, considered it would be preferable to defer joining the scheme until after the May 2019 election. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would respond accordingly.

12. Traffic & road issues – The clerk reported that the Community Speed Watch team had now completed the data collection exercise and will shortly advise whether the village meets the criteria for joining the scheme.

13. Date of Annual Parish Meeting – It was RESOLVED that the annual parish meeting would precede the next parish council meeting and will take place on Monday 8th April 2019.

14. Matters raised for next scheduled meeting on Monday 8th April 2019 – No matters were raised.

15. Code of Conduct & E-Mail Protocol – The Chairman outlined the responsibilities for all councillors to comply fully with the provisions laid down in both the Code of Conduct and the E-Mail Protocol.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.13

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