NDP Minutes 4th April 2018

Present: Chris Williams, Chair of NDP Steering Group, Jane Hirst, Sheila Cook, Jane Davies, Edward Davies, Stephanie Kitto, Herefordshire Council, David Williamson, Parish Council Chairman, Alison Davies, Clerk and 60 members of the public.

Chris Williams opened the meeting explaining that the Steering Group was new and that his would be the start of the process. The aim is to bring the plan to fruition and for the process to be open and transparent. Areas to be looked at will include land for housing, green space, and the possibility of further industrial development to provide more employment. The Steering group is a subcommittee of the Parish Council and will report to them and people were invited to sign up to help.

Stephanie Kitto explained that Madley had an allocation of 89 houses of which 42 were in the pipeline or completed to another 40 plus were needed to meet the target. There might be “windfall” sites where people are already going to apply for planning. The NDP and siting of houses is guided by the village. There is also a requirement to look at green space. Consideration should be given to renewable energy and sustainability, ecology and history of the area.

The settlement boundary was designated in 2012 but can be revisited. After the initial work ,which the consultant Dr David Nicholson will assist us with, the plans are then submitted to Herefordshire Council and then there is a referendum and adoption of the NDP. When the draft plan is ready there is a public consultation.

She suggested that we have an e-mail newsletter and a Facebook page to publicise what we are doing. The consultant will write documents for us. A statement we need to work to is “In 2031 Madley will be…………..”
There was a good question and answer session with members of the public participating fully.

Alison Davies