NDP Meeting 8th September 2016

Madley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Working Group Meeting
Held on Thursday 8th September 2016 at 7.00pm at Madley Primary School

Ian Clelland (Chair), Roger Beard, Alan Stephenson, Elliot Burman, Keith Guyatt, Lynne Bradley and Carla Boyles (parish clerk).

Pete Hince, George Doman, Mary Doman and John Barnes.

Issues and Options Discussion Paper

  • Louise Kirkup had provided the draft issues and options document and the various sections had been delegated to the working group members agreed at the last meeting to look at.
  • Updated housing commitments had been obtained from Herefordshire Council and as at April 2016 there was: outstanding planning permissions 24, resolution to grant planning permission 27 and net housing completions 6. This made a total of 57, which when deducted from the minimum figure of 89 for the plan period, left 32.
  • Vision and Objectives – Ian Clelland and Roger Beard would draft these before the meeting on 20th September.
  • Housing – Ian Clelland and Roger Beard. Ian Clelland provided some information about housing types. He would send this electronically to Carla Boyles so that it could be forwarded to Louise Kirkup.
  • Environment – Natural environment was to be looked at by John Barnes. Roger Beard would contact him regarding this as a description of the local landscape character was required. Built environment was looked at by Pete Hince who had forwarded information on listed buildings and monuments. More information about local heritage and local built character was required and Carla Boyles would contact Pete Hince about this.
  • Economy – Elliot Burman and Nicky Hoskins. This had not been looked at yet, but Keith Guyatt offered to work on this with Elliot Burman and this was agreed. Carla Boyles would forward the issues and options document to Keith Guyatt.
  • Flooding. Nobody had been allocated to look at this section. Carla Boyles would contact Pat Corcoran and the locality steward for information on surface water flooding events.
  • Protecting local community facilities – George and Mary Doman. This information had been forwarded and would be passed to Louise Kirkup.
  • Traffic and transport. Nobody had been allocated to look at this section and it was discussed. It was agreed to pass comments back to Kirkwells to say that no village car park had been provided but the recreation field car park was encouraged for use to park and walk to the village centre/school, but there was limited use of this. It would be pointed out that since the parish plan there had been a reduction in bus services serving the village.

Any other matters

Carla Boyles had circulated the responses to enquiries made to Welsh Water and the County Archaeologist. Welsh Water had responded to say that there was sufficient capacity to accommodate the planned growth and the county archaeologist had suggested commissioning a formal search of the Historic Environment Record which would identify likely historic environment issues and the fee would be approximately £100.00.


  • Ian Clelland and Roger Beard to draft Vision and Objectives.
  • Ian Clelland to forward information on housing in the village to Carla Boyles.
  • Roger Beard to contact John Barnes regarding natural environment information.
  • Carla Boyles to contact Pete Hince regarding built environment information.
  • Carla Boyles to forward issues and options document to Keith Guyatt.
  • Carla Boyles to contact Pat Corcoran and the Locality Steward regarding flooding.
  • Carla Boyles to pass all additional information/changes/comments so far to Louise Kirkup.

Date of next meeting
Tuesday 20th September, 7-9pm (working group with Kirkwells).
Venue: Madley School.