NDP Meeting 26th July 2016

Madley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Working Group Meeting
Held on Tuesday 26th July 2016 at 7.00pm at Madley Primary School

Ian Clelland (Chair), Roger Beard, Pete Hince, Graham Prosser, John Barnes, Dave Williamson, George Doman, Mary Doman, Louise Kirkup (Kirkwells) and Carla Boyles (parish clerk).

1 Apologies

  • N Hoskins and E Burman.

2 Louise Kirkup, Kirkwells

  • Louise Kirkup introduced herself and gave an overview of the process including an explanation of the call for sites process and criteria and the various stages of consultation. Topics the plan should cover were discussed.
  • It was proposed the following issues would be included:
  • Housing (including sustainability, access, possible phasing etc.)

Natural environment
Protecting community facilities
Protecting rural character
Surface water flooding
Economic development
Control of chicken sheds/polytunnels
Car parking
Built heritage (to include archaeology)
Environmental issues (to include light pollution)
Recreational facilities

  • The stages and types of consultation were considered.
  • It is proposed that an informal issues and options consultation be carried out initially. This would cover the topics above.
  • Methods of allocating housing and the merits of these were discussed. If a call for sites exercise was required, to assist with this and undertake the subsequent site appraisal and report, Kirkwells would charge an additional fee of £1,575.00 excluding VAT.
  • It was suggested that the informal consultation also seek opinion on how to allocate housing, such as call for sites, settlement boundary etc. as well as priorities for developer contributions.
  • Types of housing/character were discussed. Kirkwells could provide data on the types of housing in the parish.
  • The first draft of the informal consultation would be provided by Kirkwells, with the working group to add detail to.
  • Specific areas were delegated to: Housing – Ian Clelland and Roger Beard, Natural environment – John Barnes, Protecting community facilities – George Doman and Mary Doman, Economic development and tourism – Elliot Burman and Nicky Hoskins, Built heritage (including archaeology) – Pete Hince.
  • A working group meeting would be scheduled to discuss the draft.
  • A meeting with Kirkwells then held to discuss additions/changes. Consultation arrangements/event/publicity would also be discussed.

3 Actions

  • Carla Boyles to forward Louise Kirkup relevant information, including housing figures from Sam Banks and the parish plan.
  • Carla Boyles to contact Welsh Water to request details of any issues in the area that may affect the plan.
  • Carla Boyles to contact the county archaeologist to request details of any information or records for Madley that would assist with the plan.
  • Louise Kirkup to forward a first draft of the issues and options informal consultation document by mid August. Also planning policy assessment/evidence base document would be forwarded for use as a reference tool.
  • Carla Boyles to circulate the above documents to the working group.
  • All working group members to read document and add detail to. Specific topics by those detailed above.
  • Working group meeting to discuss draft.
  • Meeting with Louise Kirkup to discuss additions/changes.
  • Carla Boyles to circulate final draft to the parish council to be considered for approval at the October meeting.
  • Subject to parish council approval, consultation to be commenced in October.

4 Date of next meetings

  • Thursday 8th September, 7-9pm (working group).
    Tuesday 20th September, 7-9pm (working group with Kirkwells).
    Venue: Madley School, subject to agreement from the school.