NDP Meeting 24th May 2016

Madley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Working Group Meeting
Held on Tuesday 24th May 2016 at 6.30pm at Madley Primary School

Cllr Ian Clelland (Chair), Cllr Roger Beard, Cllr Pete Hince, Cllr Nicky Hoskins, Graham Prosser, Clive Malins, Mark Wilkinson, John Barnes, Joan Williamson, Dave Williamson, George Doman, Mary Doman and Carla Boyles (parish clerk). Leon Wolverson and Tim Coleman from Eaton Bishop Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group attended for item 2 and Sam Banks from Herefordshire Council attended for item 3.

1. Apologies

2. Eaton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan

  • Leon Wolverson and Tim Coleman spoke about their experience of neighbourhood planning so far. They had used Louise Kirkup from Kirkwells and would recommend.
  • They have carried out a call for sites exercise and, to show impartiality, had used Kirkwells to assess the sites.
  • They were about to consult on the result as well as an initial draft of their plan and would then be proceeding to the Regulation 14 consultation.
  • They recommended the guidance notes on the Herefordshire Council website.
  • A number of copies of their imminent consultation were provided.
  • Both were thanked for taking the time to come to the meeting.
  • Action: Carla Boyles to circulate link for the Herefordshire Council guidance notes.

3. Sam Banks, Neighbourhood Planning Team Leader at Herefordshire Council

  • Sam Banks outlined the Neighbourhood Planning process. She highlighted the importance of ensuring interests are declared and put on the record and that decisions are through the parish council and these are minuted. She recommended looking at the Kingstone plan due to its proximity.
  • If a call for sites exercise is carried out there is a pro forma that can be used, which includes the relevant criteria and this can also be used for completion by landowners. All submissions are then assessed and ranked.
  • Housing and settlement boundary will be significant parts of the plan. Consideration will also need to be given to open spaces and local green spaces to protect and this would go hand in hand with site allocation.
  • The Regulation 14 consultation includes statutory consultees as well as the community. Action on comments received is then considered. After this the Regulation 16 consultation takes place, at which point the plan passes to Herefordshire Council to undertake the work. After this consultation, there is then an Examination to ensure the plan meets the Basic Conditions and then it goes to Referendum. There is no minimum turnout for the referendum and at least 51% is necessary for a yes vote. The plan cannot be adopted by Herefordshire Council if this isn’t achieved. Subject to this, the plan would then be adopted as planning policy.
  • The proportional growth for Madley is 89 houses between 2011-2031. Up to April 2015 there had been 4 completions and 26 commitments, but updated figures for up to April 2016 would be available around July 2016. It is estimated that the figure is now up to around 57, with 32 to find, but this would need to be confirmed.
  • No capping is allowed within the plan – this includes no ‘maximum’, ‘no more than’ etc.
  • Phasing policies can be used. Brimfield and Little Hereford was cited as an example to look at of a plan that has used this.
  • There are over 100 more villages included within the Core Strategy that have not been included previously, which means the growth is spread more.
  • Sam Banks was thanked for attending the meeting.
  • Action: Sam Banks to forward the UDP settlement boundary and accompanying notes for Madley.
  • Action: Carla Boyles to circulate link for the Kingstone Plan.
  • Action: Sam Banks to forward the definition of open spaces/local green spaces.

4. Next Steps

  • There was a lot of information from this evening to think about. It was proposed that at the June parish council meeting a decision be made on applying for a grant to cover six months estimated neighbourhood planning costs.
  • It was agreed not to invite Kirkwells to the next meeting, but to the following one.
  • The Duchy of Cornwall had offered assistance with the plan. This was appreciated, however it was agreed to involve them at a later stage.
  • Action: Proposed that the Parish Council consider applying for a Neighbourhood Planning grant.

Date of next meeting
Next meeting would be on Wednesday 22nd June at 7pm at Madley School, subject to agreement from the school.