NDP Meeting 20th September 2016

Madley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Working Group Meeting
Held on Tuesday 20th September 2016 at 7.00pm at Madley Primary School

Roger Beard (Chair), Elliot Burman, Mary Doman, George Doman, John Barnes, Pete Hince, Menna Picton, Alan Picton, Louise Kirkup (Kirkwells) and Carla Boyles (parish clerk).

1 Apologies

  • Ian Clelland.

2 Issues and Options Discussion Paper

  • Amendments agreed at the last meeting had been undertaken by Louise Kirkup and version 2 of the document had been circulated and was discussed.
  • SEA information had been requested from Herefordshire Council, but not received yet.
  • Photos of the parish were required. The clerk had forwarded some, but more were needed.
  • Public consultation information. It was proposed that the consultation run from 1st – 30th November 2016 with a drop-in event on Saturday 12th November 2016, 2 – 5pm in the parish hall. The Scouts would be contacted to see if they would be interested in providing refreshments as a fundraiser for them. The consultation would be advertised via Tracking the News, flyers to all households and businesses, website, the Hereford Times and posters locally. Roger Beard would design a leaflet. The clerk would obtain quotes for 500 A5 black and white flyers, 20 copies of the 30 page consultation document in colour and 100 A4 response forms in black and white. Large maps would be required for the event and Kirkwells could advise on which ones and supply electronically for the parish council to arrange to print. The consultation and response forms would be on the website and available at the drop-in event or hard copies could be requested from the clerk. Responses to be returned to the clerk either via email or post or box in the village shop by 30th November or at the drop-in event.
  • Draft vision – It was proposed that the vision be: To protect and enhance the rural nature of the Parish through incremental development in an appropriate and sustainable way in order to maintain and, where possible, enhance the quality of life for all of the village community.
  • Draft objectives – These would be drafted once the rest of the document was complete.
  • Layout – Decided to change ‘Policy Option’ to ‘Policy’ and move questions to be the options at the end of each section.
  • Local Housing – had not been received from Ian Clelland yet. Requested the clerk chase up. Requested that the hamlets of Shenmore, Lulham, Canon Bridge, Brampton and Cublington be added to 3.1.12. Under the site allocations option, it was requested that a note be included to state that there would be an additional cost of £1,575.00 to the parish council to undertake a call for sites.
  • Natural Environment – John Barnes was drafting something for inclusion in 3.2.2.
  • Built Environment – Pete Hince was drafting something, including photos, on built character for inclusion in 3.2.7.
  • Economy and Tourism – Keith Guyatt had forwarded a document he and Elliot Burman had put together. A couple of amendments to the businesses listed were noted.
  • Flooding – Enquiries had been made but little information received back. Under 3.4.2 it would be stated that surface water events had occurred on the B4352 during 2012, Brampton Road and Shenmore in 2013 and Canon Bridge and Bridge Sollars Road most years.
  • Protecting Local Community Facilities – Add golf course and parish hall.
  • Local Green Space – Include examples: Glebe Field and The Bower, Shenmore.

3 Next meetings

  • It was thought there was not enough time to compile the information, update the document and circulate prior to the parish council meeting on 4th October, so it was proposed that an extra parish council meeting, just to consider the document for approval be scheduled for Tuesday 18th October. All outstanding information should be sent to the clerk by Friday 7th October and the latest draft document could be circulated on 11th October.
  • The next working group to discuss arrangements for the consultation and drop-in event would be on the 19th October. The next working group meeting would then be in early December, after the consultation had finished and Kirkwells would attend.

4 Actions

  • All working group members to forward any photos of the parish to the clerk.
  • Carla Boyles to provisionally book the parish hall for 12th November.
  • Carla Boyles to speak to Scouts re. refreshments.
  • Roger Beard to design consultation leaflet.
  • Carla Boyles to get printing quotes.
  • Roger Beard and Ian Clelland to draft objectives.
  • Ian Clelland to forward housing information to the clerk.
  • John Barnes to draft Natural Environment information.
  • Pete Hince to draft Built Environment information.
  • All information to be sent to the clerk by Friday 7th October.
  • Carla Boyles to pass all additional information/changes/comments to Louise Kirkup to update the document.

5 Date of next meeting

  • Wednesday 19th October, 7-8.30pm.
    Venue: Madley School.