NDP Meeting 19th April 2016

Madley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Working Group Meeting
Held on 19th April 2016 at 7.00pm in Swinmoor Farm Offices, Madley

Cllr Pete Hince (Chair), Cllr Ian Clelland, Cllr Roger Beard, Cllr Elliot Burman, Cllr Nicky Hoskins, Cllr Paul Cobb, 9 members of the public, Claire Bradley (Kirkwells), Louise Kirkup (Kirkwells) and Carla Boyles (parish clerk).

1. Apologies

2. Kirkwells Planning Consultants
Claire Bradley and Louise Kirkup spoke about neighbourhood planning. They gave an overview of the process, details of what their involvement would be, should they be engaged and a guide to costs. Claire Bradley and Louise Kirkup were thanked for their time and left the meeting.
Action: Kirkwells to forward a fee proposal to Carla Boyles.
Action: Carla Boyles to request current housing commitment figures from Herefordshire Council.

3. Neighbourhood Development Plan co-ordinator role
A volunteer co-ordinator for the neighbourhood plan was sought.
Action: Proposed that Roger Beard and Ian Clelland take on the role jointly.

4. Terms of reference for the working group
Draft terms of reference had been circulated:

  1. To develop the Madley Neighbourhood Development Plan.
  2. To identify funding available to assist with the process.
  3. That suggested procedure and draft content of the plan is submitted to the parish council for approval before progression to the next stage.
  4. Reports from the Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group shall be provided to meetings of the full parish council. The working group cannot make any decisions on behalf of the parish council, but can explore options and present these to the parish council for a decision.
    Action: Proposed that the draft terms of reference are adopted.

5. Applying for funding
Available funding was discussed. There was now up to £9,000 per neighbourhood plan available to apply for from DCLG. Funding could not be applied for retrospectively.
Appointment of planning consultants was considered, along with obtaining alternative quotes in addition to Kirkwells, such as locally based consultants. The general consensus was that Kirkwells had extensive experience and had worked on many neighbourhood plans in Herefordshire and therefore, for these reasons, they were the preferential choice.
Action: Proposed that the parish council apply for funding for the first 6 months estimated neighbourhood planning costs.
Action: Proposed that Carla Boyles contact other local parish councils who have used Kirkwells for references. Subject to satisfactory references, acceptable fee proposal and a successful application for grant funding to cover their fees, it was recommended to appoint Kirkwells.

6. Date of next meeting/meetings ongoing
It was agreed to invite Sam Banks from Herefordshire Council’s Neighbourhood Planning team to the next working group meeting. Therefore her availability would be requested and a date agreed based on this, preferably week commencing 16th May. Venue would be the parish hall if available, otherwise Paul Cobb kindly offered the use of Swinmoor Farm offices again.