NDP Meeting 18th May 2017

Madley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Working Group Meeting
Held on Thursday 18th May 2017 at 6.00pm at Madley Primary School

Ian Clelland (Chair), Roger Beard, Pete Hince, George Doman, Mary Doman, Louise Kirkup (Kirkwells), Carla Boyles (parish clerk) and 13 members of the public.

1. Apologies
John Barnes.

2. Call for Sites Assessment

  • The Call for Sites process had been completed, with 10 sites being put forward and the assessment had now been received from Kirkwells. Options for next steps were discussed.
  • Five of the sites were owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. Further consultation could be carried out on the sites as they stand or discussion could be had with the Duchy of Cornwall first regarding the possibility of smaller sites, in line with the remaining housing to be allocated until 2031, which could then be put out to public consultation.
  • It was agreed that further consultation on proposed sites should take place as the next step.
  • This would involve a public drop-in event, a summary flyer to include key messages and the process so far and response forms for completion by the community.
  • It was agreed that it would be beneficial to meet with the Duchy of Cornwall’s office to discuss the sites, prior to further consultation. It was also suggested they attend the drop-in event to answer questions.

3. Actions

  • Clarification on housing number remaining until 2031 be sought from Herefordshire Council.
  • Proposed meeting with the Duchy of Cornwall’s office Thursday 25th May, if possible.
  • After this meeting discuss arrangements for the consultation.
  • Parish Council to consider applying for next phase of the grant.

Date of next meeting
To be confirmed.