NDP Meeting 17th January 2017

Madley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Working Group Meeting
Held on Tuesday 17th January 2017 at 6.00pm at Madley Primary School

Ian Clelland (Chair), Roger Beard, John Barnes, Pete Hince, Joan Williamson, Dave Williamson, Louise Kirkup (Kirkwells) and Carla Boyles (parish clerk).

1 Apologies

  • George and Mary Doman.

2 Issues and Options Consultation Update

  • The consultation had run for the month of November and 35 members of the public had attended the consultation drop-in.
  • 22 detailed response forms had been returned and these responses had been summarised in a report that had been circulated and was on the website.
  • The responses had been incorporated into the Preferred Options First Draft Plan, which had been circulated to the working group for consideration.
  • Louise advised having a further informal consultation on the preferred options before going to the Regulation 14 consultation.
  • If a Call for Sites exercise was to be undertaken, this should be done prior to the next consultation taking place so that it can be included.

3 Preferred Options First Draft Plan

  • It was agreed to allocate sections for working group members to proof read and provide any additional information required. The following were proposed.
  • Housing – Roger Beard and Ian Clelland
  • Environment – John Barnes (with assistance from Roger Beard if required)
  • Business and the Local Economy – Pete Hince and ask Felicity Griffiths if she will assist
  • Protecting Local Community Facilities – Ask George and Mary Doman if they would be happy to look at this again (Roger Beard willing to assist)
  • Transport and Infrastructure – Ask Paul Cobb if he will assist
  • Flooding – Ask Elliot Burman and Pat Corcoran if they will assist
  • The proposed Local Green Spaces to protect were The Bower, Shenmore, The Glebe Field, Madley Moat and the Kettle Ponds. These were marked on a map for Louise to digitise for inclusion.

4 Actions

  • Extraordinary parish council meeting to take place on Tuesday 24th January 2017 to consider whether to undertake a Call for Sites, the Preferred Options First Draft Plan, stage payment to Kirkwells and the end of grant report for the Neighbourhood Planning Grant received.
  • Proposed that a deadline of the end of February be set for amendments and additions to the first draft plan.
  • The working group propose that a Call for Sites exercise be undertaken as the majority of responses to the consultation supported this course of action and the working group believe it offers a more robust Neighbourhood Plan. The Call for Sites process could commence whilst the revisions are being undertaken to the draft plan.

5 Date of next meeting
• To be confirmed.