Madley Moat

Madley Moat, in the fields near Madley Recreation ground is a listed ancient monument.  The moat was restored as a wildlife pond in 2007 and has an information board giving details of the wildlife. The Duchy of Cornwall and the tenant permit access to the pond via the West of the Recreation Ground. Great crested newts, damselflies, coots, skaters and other invertebrates are seen in the pond.  It is now believed that the pond may be one of the Ice Age Ponds that have been present for about 16,000 years!

After the restoration ”Friends of Madley Moat” was formed. Periodically, we need to clear some of the vegetation round the pond and to ensure that the pond doesn’t become overgrown with bulrushes.  Come on join us on 30th October to help us as there hasn’t been a work party since before the pandemic. If you would either like to help or find out more about “The Friends of Madley Moat” email