Herefordshire Budget and Corporate Plan Consultation

Dear Parish Council Clerk,
It would be appreciated if you could encourage promotion and participation in the current public consultation on the Council budget and Corporate Plan.
This consultation follows the parish council early involvement and feedback through the Summit held 20 September. The complete results of the workshop at the Summit, including all comments, is attached for sharing with all your parish councillors. A summary was circulated previously.

Budget 2020/21 and Corporate Plan consultation: 7 November to 4 December 2019.
Herefordshire Council is consulting on its budget for 2020/21. Each year the council consults with you on its budget and on the proposed Council Tax increase.
This year, we are also asking for your views on our corporate priorities, which set out the ambitions for the next four years. The priorities have been developed following engagement with more than 1500 people. Your input is important to help set these priorities and will guide further investment and development over the coming years.
Over the next few weeks, representatives from the council will be asking people across Herefordshire to give their views on the budget proposals:
•21 November 9am – midday – Bromyard Public Hall
•22 November 10am – 2pm – Leominster Corn Square
•23 November 10am – 3pm – Hereford High Town
•26 November 10am – 2pm – Ledbury Market House
•28 November 10am – 2pm – Ross-on-Wye Library
•29 November 10am – 2pm – Kington Place de Marines

The closing date for the proposed budget consultation is 4 December 2019, which can be accessed on-line here

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