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Councillors are summoned to attend a schedule Parish Council meeting on Monday 8th October 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Parish Hall


1. To receive apologies for absence
2. To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation.

3. Open Session … To receive a brief verbal report from Ward Councillor Steve Williams.
3.1 To hear views of local residents on parish matters.

4. To consider minutes of previous meeting … 10th September 2018

5. Finance … To note bank balances
5.1 Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2017/18:
5.1.1 To consider internal audit report prepared by HALC.
5.1.2 To consider governance statements.
5.1.3 To consider annual accounts 2017/18.
5.1.4 To consider completion of exemption certificate.
5.2 To consider request to fund re-surfacing of Parish Hall rear car park: £5,796.00.

6. Recreation Ground … To receive a report on inspections by Martin James.
6.1 To consider path connecting car park with gate into Pennyplock.
6.2 To note PC’s agreed £5k grant + £10k Lottery grant to add to PTA’s funds for above.

7. Lengthsman: To receive a report, consider payment & identify work to be undertaken.

8. Planning … To comment on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
8.1 Application P182050/F … Brightwells Auction Site, Stoney Street Industrial Estate. Proposed change of use of land for storage of plant, machinery, equipment & commercial vehicles & for creation of vehicle parking area.
8.2 Application P183004/F … Land to the west of Upper House, Stone Lane. Change of use of land to site a mobile/static home for a period of 3 years (retrospective).
8.3 Application 183083 … Magnolia Farm, Canon Bridge. Change of use of agricultural buildings & land to residential development.
9. Neighbourhood Plan (NDP) To receive report on 25.9 meeting & consider action.

10. Traffic & road issues … To raise matters for attention.
11. Footpaths … To receive a report from the Footpaths Officer & consider action on issues.

12. Policies … To consider current policies and identify those requiring revision.

13. To raise matters for next scheduled meeting on Monday 12th November.
A resolution will be passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item
14. Employment: To receive report of interview panel & consider appointment of new clerk.