Safer Neighbourhood team Update

A quick update from Leominster Safer neighbourhood team:

Operation ‘Stop that Sheep’ has been launched.

As part of West Mercia’s Rural Crime action day, Leominster, Kington and Bromyard Safer Neighbourhood teams all took part in Operation Stop that sheep. The aim of the operation was to stop livestock trailers, scrap dealers, vans etc and check their documentation for the loads that they were carrying. Working alongside Animal welfare officers and civil enforcement officers from Herefordshire Council the teams pulled over 30 vehicles in the space of two hours. The joint operation was successful and hopefully it helps reassure our rural communities that rural crime matters to us. Watch this space for the next instalment.

The next property marking event in Yarpole will be: 5th December, St Leonards, Yarpole  1200-1300 

River Wye and Lugg Natural Flood Management Project: Brimfield Brook Catchment – Launch event

The Herefordshire Wye and Lugg Natural Flood Management (NFM) project is one of 24 catchment scale projects funded by the recent £15m DEFRA allocation for NFM projects in England (funding secured until 31 March 2021). It is one of four catchment scale projects in the Environment Agency West Midlands area together with three community scale NFM projects. The project has four main objectives: Reduce flood risk to local communities; Gather evidence and develop our knowledge around NFM where there are currently gaps; Engage communities around NFM and develop partnerships; and Deliver wider benefits, e.g. water quality, enhanced biodiversity, socio economic benefits.

The Brimfield Brook catchment  has been identified as one of the seven priority sub-catchments within this project and Herefordshire Council will therefore be working to help reduce flooding using Natural Flood Management. To help delivery in the Brimfield Brook catchment the Severn Rivers Trust have employed a Catchment Advisor, who will be engaging with landowners within the Brimfield Brook Catchment and advising them on ways in which they can use natural processes to help ‘slow the flow’ of water.

In order to get the Brimfield Brook communities involved with the Herefordshire Natural Flood Management project, Hereford are planning a ‘project launch’ meeting. The meeting will be held at 6:30 pm on Wednesday 28th November at Brimfield Village Hall (Event flyer can be accessed here) and all are welcome to attend.