Minutes of a scheduled meeting of the Parish Council on
Monday 10th June 2019 at 7.00 pm in the Parish Hall

Councillors: Chris Williams (Chairman), Jane Hirst, Richard Lloyd and Margaret Harkin.

In attendance
Ward Councillor David Hitchiner, the Lengthsman (Paul Wright) and four residents.

1. Apologies for absence – Councillor Corinne Cranham.

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation … Councillor Jane Hirst declared an interest against at item 6.4 (Proposed donation to Madley Parish Church for community benefit).

3. Open Session
3.1 West Mercia Police…There was no representative from West Mercia Police
3.2 Ward Councillor David Hitchiner – Ward Councillor Hitchiner provided a brief summary of activities since the Ward Council elections in May 2019 which culminated in his appointment as Leader of the Council. As only a week has elapsed since his appointment there is nothing substantive to report at this stage apart from a development in the Section 106 monies originally allocated by Brightwells for improvements to the Bridge Sollers road.
3.3 Lengthsman Report – The Lengthsman confirmed that the village gates have arrived and will be installed on the 1st July 2019 provided approval is forthcoming from Balfour Beatty.
3.4 Issues Raised by Local Residents – Continuing problems of heavy traffic attempting to access the Madley car boot sale via Stoney Street were reported by a resident. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would again contact the local police to seek an update on their discussions with the individuals who organise the car boot sale.

4. Minutes of previous meeting … 13th May 2019

4.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the above meeting and they were signed by the Chairman.

5. Clerk Correspondence…No correspondence was received.

6. Finance … The bank balance at 31st May 2019 in the Treasurers Account was noted as £55,507.21. As at 31 May 2019 there was £179.04 in the Business Bank Instant Account.

6.1 The Chairman signed the Annual Governance Statement 2018/19. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would arrange for the Finance Working Group to meet prior to the next Parish Council meeting to consider the recommendation outlined in the Internal Audit report submitted by HALC.
6.2 It was RESOLVED to make the following payment.
6.2.1 Clerk’s salary in accordance with the employment contract.
6.2.2 Stationery – £63.83
6.2.3 Postage – £7.32
6.2.4 PAYE – £97.40
6.2.5 Lengthsman – £465.83
6.2.6 JACS(UK) – £6275.50
6.2.7 Groundworks – £1928.38(Post Meeting Note – As this figure included monies already committed to consultancy costs for the preparation of the draft NDP plan, Groundworks agreed not to cash the cheque)
6.3 Section 106 monies update – Ward Councillor Hitchiner reported that Herefordshire Council have agreed to refund £21,898.13 to Brightwells to allow work on improving Stoney Street to proceed. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would contact both Brightwells and Herefordshire Council to facilitate the transfer of funds.
6.4 Proposed donation to Madley Parish Church – It was RESOLVED that a donation of £280 would be made to Madley Parish Church but this would not be a recurring arrangement and future donations would be considered accordingly.
6.5 Replacement of defibrillator pads – It was RESOLVED that the clerk would order replacement pads at an estimated costs of £50.

7. Planning … Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:

7.1 Application 181825 – Appeal under Section 78 – Woodyatts Lane, Madley – Proposed 4 bedroom low level dwelling. It was noted that the original application had been the subject of support from the Parish Council and it was RESOLVED that no further comment should be submitted.

8. Neighbourhood Plan (NDP)… Councillor Jane Hirst reported that, following its unanimous endorsement at the previous Parish Council meeting, the draft NDP Plan would now be subject to a Regulation 14 consultation which is expected to commence on the 15th July 2019 for a 8 week period ending on the 9th September 2019. Copies of the draft NDP plan (and comment forms) will be placed in various locations in the village (Red Lion public house, Madley Plants, Golf Club and the church). Residents will also have the opportunity of considering the draft at a drop-in event arranged for the 20th July 2019 between the hours of 10.00 and 14.00hrs where David Nicholson will be present to answer questions and collect comments. At the conclusion of the Regulation 14 consultation David Nicholson will reflect on comments received and submit the NDP plan to Herefordshire Council.

9. Lengthsman Working Group – Councillor Margaret Harkin highlighted key and immediate tasks included on the Lengthsman Action Log. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED that the clerk would contact the Locality Steward to seek an update on planned work to tackle the flooding on the Bridge Sollers road. It was further RESOLVED that the clerk would seek an update from the Locality Steward on action to clean or replace road signs particularly those adjacent to the Comet Inn and Turnpike Cottage. There was also discussion around the requirement for work to maintain the verges adjacent to the village gates once installed and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to the Lengthsman confirming that funding will be made available to cover the cost of undertaking this additional work.

10. Recreation Ground – The worst of the spilled paint on the recreation ground car park had been removed but what remained would be left to disappear naturally because the application of a chemical cleansing agent would damage the surface of the car park.

11. Footpaths Officer Report – Councillor Richard Lloyd reported that many of the village footpaths are overgrown but action to install a new gate post at MY43/43b was in hand. Councillor Lloyd also reported that, despite a complaint from a resident, the footpath at MY14 remains accessible.

12. Traffic & road issues

12.1 The clerk reported that the Community Speed Watch team had advised that Madley has been invited to join the scheme. The next stage of the process will involve identifying at least six volunteers who would be afforded training free of charge to be delivered by the Community Speed Watch team.

13. Matters raised for next scheduled meeting on Monday 8th July 2019 – No matters were raised.

Confidential Item

Following a discussion with Patrick Sullivan it was RESOLVED to invite him to join the Parish Councillor as a co-opted Councillor.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.15

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